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Reflective Float Glass

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  • Espejo mágico de cristal

    Clear Magic Beauty Espejo de vidrio para baño

    Espejo mágico de cristal se utiliza en escaparate holográfico, interior, escenario, baño, espejo de coche, TV de pantalla, etc. Actualmente tenemos el siguiente grosor de espejo mágico de cristal : 3 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 15 mm.

  • Vidrio colorido

    5 mm 6 mm 8 mm 10 mm 12 mm colorido flotador hoja de vidrio

    Vidrio colorido significa uno Hojas de vidrio flotado que es un tipo de Vidrio recubierto Llenos de muchos colores, diferentes ángulos muestran diferentes colores, así que lo llamamos Cristal de Cambio de Color. Nuestro grosor es de 2 mm 3 mm 4 mm 5 7

  • Vidrio laminado

    Color cambiante laminado figurado vidrio de patrón

    Existen Patrón de vidrio con la pelicula pvb colorida para procesar Vidrio laminado , por lo que puede tener bien y vidrio de seguridad de arte Para decoraciones del hogar. Una pieza Patrón de vidrio con una sola pieza Vaso transparente , Vidrio bajo7

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  • The Mid-Autumn Festival of 2019

    The Mid-Autumn Festival, also referred to as August Moon Festival for its lunar date of August 15, which falls on 13 September this year,celebrates the full harvest moon.It is one of the few most important traditional Chinese festivals holiday in the Chinese calendar. Chinese families gather for moon watching and to enjoy quality time together. A mooncake is a Chinese bakery product traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Generally,it is round, and "round" has a similar pronunciation with "reunion" in Chinese. During the festival, people eat them for celebration and present them to relatives and friends for good wishes. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! May the round moon bring you a happy family and a successful future.

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  • Advantages of Hot Melt Glass

    Hot-melt glass breaks through the form of existing glass, highlighting various artistic effects. There are many types of hot-melt glass. Currently, there are hot-melt glass bricks, hot-melt glass decorations for doors and windows, glass art ornaments, etc. It has unique glass materials and artistic effects. Advantages of hot melt glass (1)Art glass can choose bright colors and various styles, and the product has a good three-dimensional effect. Different from the general flat transparent glass, it changes the characteristics of the flat glass, and shows that the hot-melt glass is more vivid and meets the pursuit of new people. (2)The hot-melt glass is produced by the hot-melting furnace. Due to the complicated process required, the heat resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and impact resistance of the product are better than those of other products, and the product price is higher. (3)As a new decoration, art glass not only has excellent interior decoration effect, but also has the advantages of thermal insulation, noise reduction, acid and alkali resistance, no discoloration and fading, good hardness and antistatic. (4)Most of the hot-melt glass has a pattern and some matte materials, which are suitable for use in home bathrooms and corporate offices to protect your privacy.

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